Tips For Upwork You’d Better Ignore

Aye, listen up me hearties, these Upwork tips be dangerous waters. Giving tips be easy as sailin’ on calm seas. Ye can find a million articles online that give ye “15 tips to _________”. But truth be told, they be mostly useless. If they were actually helpful, why haven’t all our problems been solved by now? We waste so much time grappling with empty tips, hopin’ for a miracle that never comes.

Giving useful tips be like navigatin’ on rough waters. It takes a level of experience, expertise, and thoughtfulness that most tip-writers just don’t have. Even ol’ Warren Buffett says, “Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from people who take the subway.”
Most people offerin’ advice online be takin’ the subway themselves. Some even hoppin’ over turnstiles ’cause they can’t afford a MetroCard. It’s a fact, mateys. If ye take advice from random bloggers, yer life and career aren’t likely to shoot up to the stars anytime soon.

I Googled “Upwork tips” this mornin’ and found some that were alright. Others were harmless, but still a waste of time, like “make yer clients happy.” (As if freelancers be aimin’ to make their clients sad.) But I also stumbled upon some real doozies that could cost ye time, money, and even damage yer reputation. And this was all on the first couple o’ pages of me search.
Now, let’s set our compass for some specific examples, and I’ll give ye me own recommendations for what ye should do instead.

Tip #1: Don’t waste your time talking to clients who haven’t spent a certain amount of cash. That’s bogus! All clients start at zero, baby. My most profitable gigs came from clients who had never used Upwork before. Check this- they’re now my ride or die: 

[Insert client examples]. 

These people started off small but ended up shelling out big bucks. It’s like buying your first car- not many people go for a fancy whip right out of the gate. 

And let me tell you, right now I’m talking to a client who has only spent a few hundy in the past year, but I’m still charging $250 an hour. We might end up doing business, who knows! 

What matters is whether or not you can offer value to the project, not how much the client has spent in the past. So don’t get fooled by competitors who turn their noses up at “small” clients. Give everyone a chance and see where it takes you. Ya never know- you could strike gold!

Tip#2: do free work for a new client is a big no-no and can even result in getting booted off of the platform. Besides violating Upwork’s terms of use, doing work for free is just not a smart way to grow your freelancing biz these days. Back in the day, it might have been a good way to build up your portfolio, but with so many entry level jobs available on sites like Upwork, why on earth would you work for free? Instead, try the Crystal Ball Technique and get paid for your work while attracting new clients like a boss. Win-win, baby!



Upwork job search filters and keywords? No, no, no! Save a few minutes by skipping sleep and showers too? Ridiculous! Clients are human and don’t always use specific words or filters, so you miss out on tons of opportunities when you rely on them. It’s better to skim through all jobs in your category to find the gems. Great clients are worth a lot of money, so don’t miss out on them. “Tripping over dollars to pick up pennies” is not the way to succeed on Upwork. Take the extra 10 minutes and leave the “time savers” in the dust.

Tip# 4
Don’t fall for the misconception that fixed price jobs are superior to hourly jobs on Upwork. The argument that you should be paid for the value of your work rather than the time spent on it is not always valid. While it may be true in some cases where a freelancer can complete a valuable task efficiently, charging by the hour is often more practical. For instance, when I worked on an hourly job for a client on Upwork, I charged $130 per hour for the work, and we had a successful collaboration. However, some freelancers complicate things by trying to apply value-based pricing to unsuitable jobs. In my experience, it’s better to discuss with the client which option is ideal for a specific job. You must concentrate on your skills and expertise to build a rewarding career on Upwork, regardless of whether you opt for hourly or fixed-price jobs.
What’s your sickest Upwork tip? (and the illest prize goes to the sickest one)
I know there’s a ton of worthless advice circulating out there. As if that’s not bad enough, some are even downright toxic.
But guess what? We can turn the tables by sharing some awesome tips right here on Freelance To Win. Ain’t that dope?
So, here’s the drill: Post your flyest Upwork tip in the comments below. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, your tip is worth hearing out.
Let’s spread some love and make the freelancing world a better place to be. Holler at ya boy!
PS: Even if you’re a fresh fish in this biz, don’t be shy! You never know when you got a jewel of insight that nobody else knows. So, speak your mind and let’s rock and roll.


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