About me

Hi, my name is Estee!

The only one thing I can’t answer exactly if am I more a designer or freelancer? Anyway – that’s one of my profitable hobbies. 

But if you are smart enough (be sure!), I can tell you with certainty, that you deserve to:

  • Do work you enjoy doing — rather than just working for a paycheck and waiting for the weekend to arrive
  • Get paid what you’re worth — I’m talking an amount that gets you excited to get up and work — instead of taking whatever amount your boss (or clients) happens to offer you
  • And have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and control your schedule — so you can travel, or take a day off any time you want to, without ever having to ask anyone’s permission


I’m working on Upwork since 2014, and now I am official Upwork Ambassador. They were probably the best ones to represent me in FB:


I have successful experience working on the world’s biggest freelance sites (including peopleperhour, but I wouldn’t recommend it).

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Since 2014

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Since 2014


It’s inevitable when you try hard!

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Pursue passions not paychecks

I help hundreds of freelancers take the first step.
Sharing experience and seeing a freelancer succeed is my hobby.
Community is everything when you are freelancer.